About Electrometers

Standard Imaging offers versatile, accurate reference grade electrometers for use in a wide range of radiation therapy applications, including external beam, low dose, high dose, intravascular brachytherapy, diagnostic x-ray, and mammographic x-ray.



About Beam QA

Standard Imaging offers the QA BeamChecker™ Plus, a reliable and uncomplicated daily QA instrument for linear accelerators. With wire-free technology, integrated build-up, and automatic energy detection, radiation therapists can quickly and easily complete daily QA procedures. Those repeated trips in and out of the vault are a thing of the past.




About Phantoms

Standard Imaging offers a wide variety of phantoms for performing routine QA checks and to verify the accuracy of treatment plans. Whether you need a single phantom or a comprehensive system for commissioning, training, QA, and dose verification, we have products that fit your needs.

  • Lucy® 3D QA Phantom … image transfer QA, dosimetry, and machine QA
  • Respiratory Gating Platform with IMRT Dose Verification Phantom … commissioning, training, quality assurance, and dose verification of gated IMRT
  • Virtual Water™ … routine linear accelerator QA


About Exradin Ion Chambers

Standard Imaging offers a wide range of Exradin Ion Chambers for dosimetry measurements in radiation therapy, diagnostic radiology, radiation protection, and research and development. Exradin Ion Chambers are an exceptional choice for use in external beam calibration, quality assurance, dose assessment, depth-dose studies, mixed field dosimetry, radiation monitoring, background measurements, and research studies. Characterized by careful design with over 30 years of scientific integrity and sturdy construction, Exradin Ion Chambers offer uncompromising performance.