syngo RT Dosimetrist

A dedicated workplace for virtual simulation and inverse planning.

A solution for inverse planning and virtual simulation, our syngo® RT Dosimetrist workspace combines our imaging expertise with advanced data processing. Advanced algorithms and localization tools simplify the segmentation of organs and the precise definition of targets. Dose delivery ist optimized for fast IMRT especially for challenging cases.

Panther DAO, a product of Prowess Inc.

A sophisticated treatment planning software

Panther DAO, a product of Prowess Inc., is a sophisticated treatment planning software that enables fast and precise treatment planning with the collimator capacity in mind. Part of IM-Confident™ Plan, it introduces ultra-fast Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IMRT) into your daily routine, for every case and every cancer site.

Panther RealART, a product of Prowess Inc.

Intelligent treatment planning software

Panther RealART, a product from Prowess Inc., is a sophisticated treatment and replanning software. It is part of our unique IM-RealART Solution that enables adjustments to the treatment plan, according to movements and deformations of tumor and organs, within around seven minutes – without any changes in the patient position.