IMRT, IMAT, Quality Assurance and Dose Verification, Detector Panels, OCTAVIUS

OCTAVIUS Octagonal Phantom

Enhances the 2D-ARRAY seven29 to a measuring system for Intensity Modulated Arc Therapy (IMAT)

  • Suitable for all dynamic techniques
  • Time saving IMAT treatment plan verification
  • Signal independent of beam direction due to most advanced ion chamber design
  • One single measurement for entire IMAT plan verification
2D-ARRAY seven29 with 729 Ion Chambers

27 x 27 ion chamber array for precise IMRT plan verification and LINAC QA

  • 27 x 27 (729) vented cubic ionization chambers regularly arranged to MLC leafs across the complete field size of 27 cm x 27 cm
  • Avoids detector ageing effects by utilizing ion chambers
  • No radiation damage thanks to separated evaluation electronics
  • 5 year warranty
  • Complete field coverage with Merge seven29

Device for Advanced Verification of IMRT deliveries based on MIC technology

  • In-vivo verification of IMRT treatments
  • Full documentation without additional workload
  • Dose recording in front of the patient
  • Wireless data transmission via Bluetooth
  • Comprehensive software package
  • Based on the new MIC technology (Multiwire Ion Chamber Technology)
VeriSoft® Verification Software

IMRT plan verification software

  • Verifies IMRT treatment plans
  • Compares any two data records from planning systems, 2D-ARRAY seven29 or film
  • Provides comprehensive data evaluation routines with 2D or 3D-Gamma Index analysis
  • Offers different reference points for Gamma Index analysis
  • Suitable for advanced treatment techniques like RapidArcTM, VMAT or TomoTherapy┬«
  • Manifold data analysis and display options
Universal IMRT Verification Phantom

Acrylic phantom for IMRT dose verification using radiographic film and 0.125 cm3 ionization chambers

  • Makes it possible to verify IMRT dose delivery
  • Checks either IMRT sub beams or total beams
  • Accommodates radiographic film and up to five ionization chambers
  • Marks the film position by perforation

MultiCheck LINAC QC Software

Software program to check the consistent performance of linear accelerators by using PTW 2D ion chamber arrays

  • Suitable for fast and easy daily constancy tests of photon and electron beams from LINACs using PTW 2D arrays
  • Checks flatness, symmetry, dose deviation in the central axes, wedge angle of dynamic, virtual and fixed wedges as well as the congruency of light and radiation fields
  • Checks beam quality with BQ-CHECK phantom
  • Compares all parameters to a reference data record and displays deviations
  • Enables tracking parameters via a statistic function
  • Creates a comprehensive data analysis according to selectable dosimetry protocols and the protocols of the accelerator manufacturers
  • Provides snapshoot mode for fast checking of the beam

BQ-CHECK Test Object

Test object for constancy checks of photon and electron beam qualities using STARCHECK or 2D-ARRAY seven29

  • Checks the beam quality of photon and electron beams in combination with STARCHECK or 2D-ARRAY seven29
  • No interference with profiles on the main axes
  • Comprehensive data analysis by MultiCheck software