iBEAM® evo CT Overlay

The iBEAM evo CT Overlay facilitates new potentials for treatment planning and simulation.

The iBEAM evo CT Overlay is identical in design, geometry and dosimetric properties with the iBEAM evo Couchtop and offers the total departmental solution in combination with an iBEAM evo Couchtop (installed on the linac table).

The iBEAM evo CT Overlay rests above the plane of the original CT cradle. The digital removal of the cradle provides the capability to take into account the beam attenuation and dosimetric aspects of the iBEAM evo Couchtop in your treatment planning data set.

Designed for Treatment Planning

  • Allows accounting for the geometry and dosimetric properties of the iBEAM® evo Couchtop
  • Designed to minimize image artifacts

Accurate patient positioning

  • Integrated indexing system enables positioning of industry standard accessories and optimizes accuracy of patient setups and reproducibility

Improved patient throughput and clinical efficiency

  • Lightweight and easy interchangeable extensions with no metal components

By utilizing the same tabletop configuration for planning and treatment, both patient position and beam modeling can be accurately represented and replicated.

The integrated indexing system optimizes patient positioning accuracy and reproducibility, reducing patient setup time, minimizing patient setup inaccuracies further in the treatment chain and maximizing the stability of positioning devices.

The iBEAM evo interchangeable extensions are light, easy to attach and enable flexible patient positioning, rapid patient setup and improved clinical workflow throughout the oncology center.

The iBEAM evo CT Overlay also addresses the clinical needs of intracranial and extracranial stereotactic treatments, providing a solid foundation for stereotactic hardware (e.g. BodyFIX® and HeadFIX® stereotactic frames).