HexaPOD™ evo RT System

True 6 Degrees of Freedom in a compact format

The HexaPOD™ evo RT System is the next generation robotic patientpositioning platform with six degrees of freedom. Incorporating all the well known features of the precursor HexaPOD RT CouchTop with greatly improved patient access and clearance aperture, HexaPOD evo RT system is a true evolution in vision guided patient positioning. Further, a reduction in height of 13 cm (5,12 inches) ensures convenient loading and unloading of the patient.

The HexaPOD evo RT System guided by an infrared-camera enables sub-millimeter patient positioning accuracy in six degrees of freedom, improving clinical workflow and clinical confidence. The system corrects translational errors (x, y, z), as well as all rotational errors (roll, pitch and yaw).

Accurate and remote geometric corrections of any misalignments detected by state-of-the-art image guidance systems are enabled by the HexaPOD evo RT System, thereby closing the gap in the 6DOF (Degrees Of Freedom) IMRT and IGRT localization and tumor targeting chain. 6DOF facilitates IGRT guided SRT by simplifying corrections for rotational misalignment and changes in anatomy.

  • Improved patient access with lower loading and unloading height
  • Increased patient clearance on the linac
  • Computer-controlled robotic treatment couchtop
  • Six degrees of freedom (x, y, z, roll, pitch and yaw)
  • Remote positioning correction
  • Achieves sub-millimeter positioning accuracy with zero fiddle factor
  • iGUIDE graphical user interface is easy to use and self-explanatory
  • Specifically designed for intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), stereotactic radiation therapy (SRT) and volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT)
  • Equipped with the newest generation of carbon fiber couchtop which significantly reduces appearance of artifactsduces appearance of artifacts

HexaPOD evo RT CouchTop offers improved speed of movement and a newly designed handheld controller and iGUIDE® tracking system with simplified control. The tracking system is composed of the iGUIDE software and a new generation infrared camera system. The tracking system aligns the patient to the defined isocenter coordinates or to the latest coordinates entered in the software. This significantly aids patient positioning.

The new HexaPOD evo RT System further simplifies workflow by providing a physical rotation point at the tumor isocenter. The physical rotation point has been shifted longitudinal to the head end of the couchtop. This repositioning of the rotation point also facilitates faster and easier system movements.

The newest generation of homogeneous carbon fiber couchtop, based on the iBEAM® evo Couchtop, has also been integrated into the HexaPOD evo RT System. It is completely constructed from carbon fiber, making it ideal for imaging. All fixation points for the extensions are made out of solid carbon fiber further reducing the risk of image artifacts and guaranteeing brilliant image quality for IMRT, IGRT and VMAT.