Precision treatments require accurate, reproducible patient positioning and reliable immobilization.

HeadFIX® is a unique, vacuumactivated head frame system, specifically designed to overcome the drawbacks of conventional invasive fixation and non-invasive thermoplastic masks.

To achieve high-precision positioning and reproducibility, the HeadFIX system uses a mouthpiece with the patient’s upper palate impression and solid vacuum bonding with the hard palate.

The patient-specific dental mold is quickly and easily formed, using a dental impression material and the HeadFIX Mouthpiece. The vacuumactivated mouthpiece immobilizes the patient.

  • Non-invasive, stereotactic cranial/head-and-neck immobilization
  • Open design promotes patient comfort and confidence
  • Unique vacuum technology ensures secure immobilization and reliability
  • Precise repeatable positioning accuracy
  • Does not cause skin bolus effect as known from thermoplastic mask systems
  • Made from radiotranslucent carbon fiber construction
  • Enables stereotactic and image guided radiation therapy applications

The nosepiece is an alternative to the mouthpiece for toothless patients and patients with mycoses in the mouth.

HeadFIX is constructed entirely of radiotranslucent carbon fiber compatible with CT scanners, X-ray volume imaging and portal imaging. The construction ensures rigidity and reliability while restricting patient movement during both imaging and treatment.

Non-invasive stereotactic reference frames are available for both intracranial and head-and-neck regions of interest, providing precise target localization and patient setup for imaging and treatment.

The BlueBAG HeadFIX Vacuum Cushion provides additional patient comfort while ensuring cranial and head-and-neck support.