BlueBAG™ Vacuum Cushions offer one of the most advanced vacuum cushion technology available today.

BlueBAG Vacuum Cushions create a comfortable, stable and precise mold of the patient’s position. The method is very simple: when a negative pressure of about 650 mbar is initially generated in the cushion, the BlueBAG retains its shape and ensures integrity of the patient mold for up to six weeks

  • Accurate, non-invasive patient positioning
  • Patient mould integrity for up to six weeks
  • Precise, passive patient positioning
  • Flexible and reliable
  • Easy to clean, reusable and environmentfriendly
  • Easy to set up and handle
  • Adaptable to various clinical surroundings

BlueBAG Vacuum Cushions facilitate reproducible positioning of the patient, from imaging to treatment and subsequent treatment fractions, while preserving patient comfort and improving the clinical workflow.

Manufactured entirely from radiotranslucent materials, BlueBAG Vacuum Cushions provide consistent artifactfree image clarity with minimal beam attenuation.

The combination of high quality coating materials with a special filling of polystyrene spheres ensures a highly conformal, patient-specific mold.

Specially coated nylon material enables smooth mold definition, comfortable patient positioning and ease of cleaning. All materials are engineered to resist radiation degradation in the clinical environment, providing long life expectancy.

BlueBAG Vacuum Cushions are available for a range of clinical setups and indications such as head and neck, thorax, hip and total body.