Motion is a major cause of artefacts in modern imaging and errors in high-precision therapy. BodyFIX® enables accurate, precise patient positioning and immobilisation, providing the foundation for successful imaging and treatment in radiation therapy.

The patented BodyFIX® dual vacuum technology maximises repositioning accuracy and intra-treatment patient stability by reducing both involuntary and voluntary patient movement, including breathing motion.

  • Non-invasive and accurate reproducible patient positioning
  • Dual vacuum technology provides maximum intra-treatment patient stability
  • Unique cover sheet securely immobilizes the patient’s body parts
  • Preserves patient comfort
  • Integrated indexing system provides accurate, precise and reproducible patient set-up
  • Modular construction, adaptable to most clinical environments from diagnostic imaging to treatment
  • Compatible with CT, MRI (used with fiberglass base plate), PET/CT, SPECT and ultrasound imaging modalities as well as various tabletops

Manufactured entirely from radiotranslucent materials, the BodyFIX® provides artefact-free image clarity with minimal beam attenuation.

The unique cover sheet nestles around the patient’s body parts and produces a uniform pressure, securely immobilising the patient’s body parts.

The immobilisation system requires only one radiation therapist for first and daily patient setup.

The BlueBAG™ BodyFIX® Vacuum Cushions enable comfortable and reproducible patient positioning from imaging through the entire treatment process. The BlueBAG™ BodyFIX® Vacuum Cushions create a comfortable, stable and precise mould of the patient’s position for up to six weeks. They can be used for different clinical setups and indications such as thorax, hip or total body.

Whenever precise localisation and targeting are required, non-invasive stereotactic reference frames are available for extracranial stereotaxy.