Active Breathing Coordinator™

Optimizing target localization for accurate delivery

The ability to plan and deliver radiation with unprecedented precision is only valuable if the target is in an identifiable, repeatable and stationary position. As such, clinicians can rarely use millimeter precision for abdominothoracic targets due to respiratory motion. These tumors are difficult to image for planning purposes and difficult to target for delivery.

The result is a commonly accepted planning margin of 1cm or more when treating such targets. By pausing the patient’s breathing at a precisely indicated tidal volume and coordinating delivery with this pause, Active Breathing Coordinator™ may allow clinicians to reduce that margin by half or more.

  • Reduce planning margins by half or more
  • Provides confidence for dose escalation, hypofractionation and IMRT
  • Reduce irradiation of healthy tissue
  • Simple, repeatable breath-hold
  • Acquire CT and conventional simulator images during breath-hold for more accurate planning data