Intra-operative Imaging

SonoWand Invite™

SonoWand Invite is a state-of-the-art imaging system, proven during two decades of development and several thousands of procedures at top neurosurgical clinics.

This success is now generating wide spread interest in the technology for use during numerous different procedures and indications.

The SonoWand Invite is a compact, single-rack system for intra-operative ultrasound imaging – in 3D on demand.

It consists of a high-performance ultrasound scanner with a built-in navigational computer and optical tracking system.

SonoWand Invite is versatile and can work as a stand-alone ultrasound unit; a conventional MRI or CT-based neuronavigation system; or a neuronavigation system providing rapid access to intra-operative 3D ultrasound images.

Surgical Navigation Accessories

Elekta offers a series of accessories designed to support the work of the neurosurgeon during surgical procedures.


Elekta’s 3D-Arm is a rigid, mechanical tool that provides a stable platform for tools and devices wherever they are required around the surgical target. It acts as a useful ”third arm” when performing open or minimally-invasive surgery. The 3D-Arm can also be used as an accessory for image guided surgery.

Hennig Instrument Guide™

The Hennig Instrument Guide is a minimally invasive skull-mounted device. It offers a secure, smart method to support the guidance of diagnostic and therapeutic instruments to targets within the brain. Hennig Instrument Guide can also be used as an accessory for image guided surgery.