SonoWand Invite™

Creating real-time visibility – on demand

SonoWand Invite is a compact, single-rack system that revolutionizes intra-operative ultrasound by providing integrated, high-precision 3D-imaging – on demand. With SonoWand Invite, surgeons can still utilize standard preoperative MR and CT images – together with intra-operative ultrasound data.

This combination is highly effective due to the ability of SonoWand Invite to rapidly display detailed images throughout the entire procedure. It’s the smart alternative that saves you time, space and money.

Making breakthroughs in ultrasound

  • Exceptional image quality
  • Ensures updated image information during the entire surgery
  • Easy to understand and use – intuitive user-interface, touch screen, ergonomic design and quick learning of ultrasound imaging

Intra-operative advantages

  • Real-time imaging
  • Accuracy and clarity
  • Clearly shows brain shift
  • Immediate knowledge of anatomical structures at all times
  • Access to real-time data enhances confidence during tumor resections
  • Versatile – offers three specific forms of navigation
  • Light, compact and easy to move
  • Cost-effective – saving time, space and money


SonoWand Invite - versatile,
affordable and accurate