Elekta Neuromag®

Magnetoencephalography (MEG) system for functional brain mapping

Clinicians and researchers are increasingly adopting the fast-growing technology of MEG for non-invasive investigations of the brain’s magnetic fields. The leading MEG provider, Elekta manufactures Elekta Neuromag, a sophisticated MEG system that is extensively used in pre-surgical localization of epilepsy and mapping of the eloquent cortex, including motor functions, hearing and vision.

Clinical research applications of MEG include such neurological and psychiatric disorders as autism, traumatic brain injury, memory and brain function, schizophrenia, depression, as well as various learning disorders, including dyslexia. Furthermore, MEG is extensively used in normal cognitive functions that underlie memory and language.

To record the extremely small and fleeting brain signals in real-time, the sensor array of the Elekta Neuromag system is equipped with 102 triple-sensor elements evenly distributed over the surface of the patient’s head. The helmet array is configured with 306 independently sampled sensors.

  • Highest available immunity to magnetic interference, either patient-related or external.
  • Continuous upgrade path.
  • Flexible and highly developed software.
  • Ultra-low system noise, facilitating accurate diagnosis.
  • Fully supine and seated positions that are easily changed, increasing patient comfort and versatility of the system.
  • Low cryogen consumption holds down operating costs.
  • Comprehensive training of scientific and technical personnel in MEG study methodology, use of the system, and basic system maintenance.