Leksell Stereotactic System®

Dedicated for minimally invasive stereotactic neurosurgery

Leksell Stereotactic System is the preferred system for functional neurosurgery. Exceptional imaging, high platform rigidity and ease of use ensure that critical accuracy requirements are met for this surgical discipline. It also is the first choice for biopsies, in which accuracy and flexibility are required for fast, cost-efficient procedures.

Designed for easy, versatile, and fast operation, Leksell Stereotactic System includes Leksell Coordinate Frame and Leksell Multipurpose Stereotactic Arc. The system uses x, y, z cartesian coordinates to stereotactically localize any point in 3D space. The arc uses the center-of-arc principle for encompassing the surgical target in the 3D space, enabling full access to all intracranial areas. In addition, this principle provides limitless trajectories and entry points to be used.

  • Used for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • Accurate – dedicated instruments with solid fixation
  • Optimized design – sophisticated, yet simple
  • Versatile – wide range of supported applications
  • The benchmark solution. The largest stereotactic user group in the world; more than 1800 systems used at over 1300 clinical centers and academic institutions sites for treatment and training.