Elekta Axesse

Image-guided stereotactic treatment system for SRS, SRT, SBRT and SBRS

When maximum precision in patient positioning and treatment delivery are needed for stereotactic and hypo-fractionated treatments throughout the body, Elekta Axesse brings a complete combination of vital tools. Applications include stereotactic radiosurgery and radiation therapy (SRS, SRT) and stereotactic body radiation therapy and radiosurgery (SBRT, SBRS).

These critical tools include 3D image-guided localization at the time of treatment, ultra-conformal beam shaping, a patient positioning system featuring six degrees of remote positional correction, non-invasive patient immobilization and advanced treatment planning.

Elekta Axesse is designed to treat a wide range of targets throughout the body, including cranial lesions and tumors in the spine, lung, prostate, and liver.

  • Elekta’s hallmark 3D image guidance technology enables visualization of soft tissues, enabling day-to-day compensation for target/organ shrinkage and deformation.
  • Robotic 6D sub-millimeter patient positioning and accurate patient immobilization with the HexaPOD™ RT system incorporating the iBEAM® evo couch top and iGUIDE®
  • High resolution dynamic beam shaping, multiple energy choices and widest range of non-coplanar angles
  • Single workstation control of all treatment processes with support by electronic medical record (EMR) centered workflow.
  • Fully supports Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT), IMRT and Conformal RT techniques.