Creating new treatment possibilities for the most challenging cancers and brain disorders


The highest standard for controlled accuracy and patient comfort in IMRT and IGRT.


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We provide integrated, patient centered oncology workflow solutions, across the continuum of care for higher efficiency in oncology.

Sonowand Invite™

SONOWAND AS strives to develop solutions of high quality to provide physicians with better patient imaging, which leads to more accurate diagnose and treatment.

Standard Imaging

Advances radiation quality assurance with solutions that help health care professionals

BizLine - Solutions for Lives

Biz Line company is a medical supply and equipment distributor located in Bangkok, Thailand. Founded in 2008, Biz Line has been providing superior quality equipment for radiation dosimetry and quality control in radiotherapy market since 2008. Biz Line has supplied highest quality medical thermoplastics and positioning device for controlled accuracy and patient comfort in IMRT and IGRT. Furthermore Biz Line offers Leksell Stereotactic System which is the preferred system for functional neurosurgery and the first choice for biopsies in which accuracy and flexibility are required for fast, cost-efficient procedures. Today Biz Line is also providing technological excellence, innovation superior treatment precision of Linear Accelerator and components, IGRT Solution and Software Application in radiotherapy.

Regarding to healthcare business, Biz Line is to honorably provide solution for lives to healthcare professors, doctors, nurses and patients through the world-class product with employee’s hospitality.