The ProSTEP™ is designed to improve the accuracy of the positioning and repositioning of the lower abdomen and extremities.

This system combines the advantages and the functionality of the FeetSTEP and the KneeSTEP, which are available in both ABS and carbon fiber quality.

By using both cushions together with the ProSTEP base plate, performance is enhanced, especially when treating in the pelvic area.

  • Facile positioning and precise repositioning
  • KneeSTEP in combination with elevation blocks
  • Mounted sliding bed adjusted with FeetSTEP
  • 17 different indexed longitudinal adjustment positions (1.5 cm steps)
  • 10 different indexed angular adjustment positions (5° steps)
  • High comfort in pelvic position
  • Carbon or hard plastic cushions
  • Comfortable patient positioning
  • Easy handling and high quality
  • Integrated indexing system

On the lower end of the base plate, the KneeSTEP can be adjusted and eventually combined with KneeSTEP elevation blocks to acquire the optimal height and comfort.

The mounted sliding bed for the FeetSTEP allows 17 different longitudinal (1.5 cm steps) and 10 different indexed angular adjustment positions (5° steps).

Because of the indexed positioning of the lower extremities, the ProSTEP guarantees high precision repositioning in the pelvic area, thus simplifying and expediting radiation therapy. The ProSTEP base plate is compatible with two pin indexing bars and can be used on all brands of couches available on the market for diagnostic and radiotherapy settings.