Leksell® Coordinate Frame G

Leksell® Coordinate Frame G and associated accessories form a minimally invasive frame system for Stereotactic Radiosurgery treatment. Using one of the Elekta range of digital linear accelerators, the system is capable of treating targets in all parts of the brain and the head above the level of the hard palate.

The Leksell® Coordinate Frame G is engineered for maximum accuracy, ease of use and flexibility.

Fixing the frame to the patient’s head is simplicity itself - four self-tapping screws keep the lightweight frame firmly and accurately in place, while local anaesthesia minimizes any patient discomfort during the procedure.

Fixation to the Elekta accelerator table is provided via a specialized G Frame holder and frame adapter with unique tiltand- rotate functionality for ease of set-up.

  • Lightweight frame for patient comfort
  • Fully MR compatible
  • Small frame size fits in most MR head coils and minimizes distortion
  • Complete range of MR and CT adapters ensures parallel and equidistant images
  • Integrated CT and tabletop adapter attaches to CT scanner bed and treatment table to ensure patient fixation is consistent at all stages of the process – enhancing accuracy of target localization and patient set-up
  • Submillimeter mechanical accuracy.