Elekta Esarte™

Elekta Esarte is a relocatable frame that enables high precision intracranial treatment in all parts of the brain, in conjunction with the Elekta range of digital accelerators. Its unique design and range of accessories ensure that it is an easy-to-use, comfortable and highly accurate fit for fractionated intracranial stereotactic applications.

Elekta Esarte™ Frame is a further development of the most widely used stereotactic frame in the world – the well documented and clinically proven Leksell® Coordinate Frame G.

Stereotactic radiation procedures based on this principal utilize a system of three-dimensional coordinates, in order to define the position of a predetermined target for treatment. The primary benefit of stereotactic treatment is its ability to locate small targets with great accuracy.

  • Design based on the experience gained with the world renowned Leksell® Coordinate Frame G
  • Unique design ensures optimal patient position for accuracy of treatment delivery and patient comfort
  • Large frame size for easier patient positioning and removal
  • Target positioner assists with set-up accuracy and reproducibility
  • Controlled release mechanism for additional patient safety